Education Assistant


- Provide a CRC/Immunization disclaimer (form provided by the college) and Alberta high school diploma or equivalent* verified by transcript or DAR (*from an English language institution)

Benefits of this program

- Prepares you for valuable industry certifications
- Market-driven programs
- Growing demand for professionals in this area

Employment Opportunities

- Education Assistant
- Community Care & Youth Centres
- Home/Community Support
- Recreation Programs
- Group Homes

Do you have a passion for working with children? With the newly introduced hybrid curriculum at GTA Academy, you can play a pivotal role in modern classrooms.

Enroll in the Education Assistant program and discover how to support educators and advocate for inclusive learning environments, all while balancing in-class and online training.

Our program offers unparalleled flexibility, blending traditional classroom instruction with online learning modules. You’ll explore alternative teaching strategies, including sign language, Boardmaker, and TouchMath, while mastering the art of crafting individualized learning plans. Plus, rest assured that you’ll receive personalized attention to excel in your studies.

As part of your journey, you’ll complete two separate practicums totaling eight weeks of real-world experience. Armed with a diverse skill set, you’ll be equipped to thrive in various settings, from elementary and secondary schools to group homes and youth centers.

GTA Academy is licensed by the Private Career College Branch of Alberta Advanced Education.

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