Supply Chain Management


-High school graduation or equivalent*
- Mature student status**
*From an English-language teaching institution.
**19 years of age upon starting classes and pass the college's admissions test.

Benefits of this program

- Pathway partnership with can put credits towards a Bachelor of Business Administration from Yorkville University
- Meet the requirements and standards set by the Supply Chain Management Association

Employment Opportunities

- Sourcing and procurement specialist
- Purchasing manager
- Pricing coordinator
- Supply and demand analyst
- Demand forecasting lead
- Supply chain coordinator
- Demand forecasting lead

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management diploma program focuses on managing the intricate logistics of goods and services from suppliers to consumers. It encompasses various stages such as procurement, storage, transportation, and distribution, demanding a diverse skill set including supply and demand estimation, forecasting, operations planning, financial planning, negotiation, technical, and IT expertise.

Delivered online, this program is meticulously crafted to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic field of supply chain management. With the supply chain sector being one of the largest employers in Canada, offering employment to nearly a million people, the industry is poised for continuous growth, presenting tens of thousands of new positions annually.

Pathway Partnership: Graduates of this program have the opportunity to transfer credits towards a Bachelor of Business Administration from Yorkville University through a pathway partnership. Further details can be found on the pathway partnership page.

Supply Chain Canada: This program holds approval for advanced standing towards obtaining the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP™) designation from Supply Chain Canada.

Through a collaborative effort between Supply Chain Canada and GTA Academy, graduates are empowered to remain at the forefront of supply chain practices throughout their careers. This includes enhancing organizational performance and contributing to the evolution of supply chain systems in Canada.

Upon achieving a grade of 70% or higher within the last two years, graduates can receive advanced standing for specific academic components of the SCMP program, including modules covering procurement and supply management, logistics and transportation, operations and process management, and negotiation skills. Additionally, candidates must fulfill requirements such as SCMP Leadership Residency, the National Case-Study Final Examination, and a three-year work experience mandate.

Rest assured, this program is approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training, ensuring its quality and compliance with educational standards.


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