-Grade 12 or equivalent
- Mature student status (18 years of age or older) and a passing score on the entrance examination

Benefits of this program

- Prepares you for valuable industry certifications
- Market-driven programs
- Growing demand for professionals in this area

Employment Opportunities

- Marketing
- Sales
- Human Resources
- Banking
- Business Management

Accounting and Payroll Administrator Diploma Program

Become an indispensable asset to any business by earning an Accounting and Payroll Administrator diploma, equipping you for the demands of today’s job market.

Diploma Overview:

Upon completion of the Accounting and Payroll Administrator program, you’ll acquire essential computer and office administration skills along with a solid foundation in Accounting, Computerized Accounting Systems, and Payroll. Accounting courses will furnish you with the necessary knowledge to perform journal entries, analyze financial statements, and reconcile accounts. Meanwhile, bookkeeping courses will instill fundamental principles for reporting business activities.

Practicum Placement:

As part of the program, you’ll engage in a practicum placement, providing invaluable on-the-job experience. This placement goes beyond theoretical principles, offering you the opportunity to apply your skills using industry-standard accounting software applications.

National Payroll Institute Designation:

Attaining the National Payroll Institute’s (NPI) PCP designation sets the stage for a successful career in payroll administration. PCP courses delve deep into legislative requirements, ensuring your organization remains compliant throughout the annual payroll cycle. Upon achieving the PCP designation, you’ll join a supportive community of professionals and gain access to resources necessary to stay current and compliant.

PCP Designation Requirements:

  • Payroll Compliance Legislation
  • Payroll Fundamentals 1 (Prerequisite: Payroll Compliance Legislation)
  • Payroll Fundamentals 2 (Prerequisites: Payroll Compliance Legislation and Payroll Fundamentals 1)
  • Introduction to Accounting (must be completed at a post-secondary institution)
  • PCP Work Experience Requirement Application (minimum one year weighted payroll work experience)

Embark on your journey to becoming a skilled Accounting and Payroll Administrator, ready to make a meaningful impact in the world of business.


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